Welcome to our Little Happy World

A Little Happiness Foundation, USA is committed to empower the under privileged sections of society through educational, economic and social awareness and training programs. We believe that for a peaceful, diverse and multicultural world society, equally opportunities for education and learning are imperative. In our own humble way with our humble means and resources, we will reach out to society to enable us to provide education and empowerment to all those who need it.

Pioneered by professionals from all walks of life, A Little Happiness Foundation, USA, is dedicated to promote educational excellence and to provide food for the homeless.
The organization accomplishes its mission through several programs including college tuition scholarships, afterschool program scholarships, grants to schools, educational training centres in the United States and India.


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After School program

Scholarship for Technical and Art Activities

Grants to Schools,Training Centers and Individual Scholarships

Leadership and Mentorship Programs

Food for the Homeless

Sikhligar Students Educational Programs